What to Expect

First Visit


This is the foundation of all of our work together and so it’s very important that both you and I are well acquainted with your story and your goals. You will be asked to provide a relevant history of any injuries, illnesses, and/or traumas as well as some background on your past and present daily movement. I’ll review that before my hands-on intake begins. My new client intake process is never the same twice but it always includes practical discussion of what is working and feeling good and what isn’t.  Often observation of related movements will follow.
Once we’ve decided on a goal, you’ll be  clearly instructed on how to prepare, which may include changing, adjusting, or removing your clothing. (Only to a level that respects both your comfort level and mine.) Massage during the first visit is paced a bit more slowly to allow me time to fully assess and treat each relevant area of the body. Because it’s best for everyone involved that each part of this process is not disrupted by constraints on our time this visit is a bit longer.

Quick Visit


For some people, a shortened follow up visit is advised. A few possible reasons include: Unresolved symptoms, New or Re-aggrivated injury, or because we both just felt like it. We’ll begin with a brief check-in on goals as well as some instructions on how to prepare for the service. Often, unless we’re targeting your back specifically, you may leave all your clothing on during a follow up visit. These visits typically last 30-45 minutes.

Standard Visit


Most of the progress we’ll accomplish together happens during a Regular Visit. We’ll continue to begin each and every visit with a discussion of your goals and I’ll modify the plan based on your progress and your feedback.  Before the service begins you’ll be given instructions on how to prepare.
Once we have begun, I will select the areas of focus and techniques to use based on your goals, how your body is reacting to the treatment, and your direct feedback. This visit is typically 60-75 minutes.

Long Visit


While I typically suggest most people stick with the standard visit 95% of the time, (keep in mind that MORE and LONGER do not necessarily equate to BETTER),
there are circumstances that warrant a bit of extra time. Do you feel your goals may require a bit of extra time? Perhaps you feel a slower pace is best? Of course, it’s nice to choose a longer service if that’s simply what you prefer  (I do sometimes),  Expect this visit to last at least 90 minutes.

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