"Improved by making many
small changes, in particular
made more subtle and accurate
by the removal of the superfluous."


Manual Therapy, Movement, & Education to
improve the ease and comfort of all your feeling,
moving, doing, thinking, and being.

Do Less. Sense More.

First Visit

This is the foundation of our work together. It’s very important that both you and I are well acquainted with your story & your goals. Intro + hands-on time means this visit may take up to 75 minutes.

Quick Visit

If you only have a single goal in mind, a few specific areas that need help, or you’re just crunched for time; sometimes a more brief follow up visit is ideal. Expect this visit to last 30-45 minutes.

Standard Visit

Where most of the progress we’ll accomplish together happens. Each time we’ll discuss your present goals and I’ll modify a plan based on your progress and feedback. Expect this visit to last 60-75 minutes.

Long Visit

Do you feel your goals may require a bit of extra time? Perhaps you feel a slower pace is best. Or, maybe you’re just in the mood to rest a while longer. Whatever your reason, expect this visit to last at least 90 minutes.

Simplified Pricing

Prices that include everything. There are no add-ons, there is nothing to up-sell, and no tips are accepted.

Uncommon, yet common sense.

First Visit: $100
Quick Visit: $75
Standard Visit: $125
Long Visit: $150


How much is it for ____ ?

deep-tissue? sports massage? stretching? movement lessons?

Some or all of those things can be part of your visit.

Imagine a visit to a doctor or a therapist:
A good one will get your input on how to approach an issue, but they would not ask you to choose the the methods they use all on your own. Neither will I.

No matter what your goals are or how we set about accomplishing them, the price of that visit will not change.

So, some people still tip you?

Nope! Prices are all-inclusive, and no tips (even from those who insist) are accepted.

Do you offer any discounts?

The majority of people who see me simply pay my posted rates. People that see me frequently will be given the option to purchase packs of 5 or 10 visits at a reduced rate.

Some clients are also able to save by using HSA or FSA cards to pay for their visitwith pre-tax funds (Check with your employer’s program). I’m also happy to provide any documentation you may require to file a claim with your health insurance provider. (I do not bill insurance directly. Check with your insurance provider.)

Who is Brian Rutledge, and what is Refined Being?


Hi, my name is Brian.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Awareness Through MovementⓇ instructor. Refined Being my private practice in Center City Philadelphia where I provide locals with pain relief, comfort, and encouragement via manual therapy, movement, and education. My journey began in 2004 when I fell in love with this study & practice of massage therapy. I’ve been practicing massage professionally since 2006.

I spent my early career as a spa and rehab employee in NJ, but after 5 years I realized these positions could not hold my interest or fuel my professional passion and so I came to Philadelphia in 2011 to begin a new practice I could make my own. That fall I joined another local therapist, and over 4 years we grew a small two person massage start-up into a thriving business that  employed 8 people and provided over 6,000 services each year. This period of my career also introduced me to the world of specializing in athletic performance and recovery with a focus on endurance racing and gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with world-class and professional athletes.

From the very start of my journey, a consistent theme gradually surfaced and re-surfaced. The people who did best always had fantastic body awareness, and helping people to improve body awareness brought about longer lasting results than any amount of kneading or stretching alone. Eventually, countless observations made through my work with clients, through self-massage, and through my personal exploration of gentle movement all began to click and my gut told me I needed to continue my education.

In the fall of 2013 I found Awareness Through MovementⓇ and began to study at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York. By August 2015 I’d received my certification as an Awareness Through MovementⓇ instructor and sold my portion of my business to a partner. Now, Refined Being is my passion project; building comfort, trust, and awareness with massage and then integrating gentle yet profound lessons in sensation using effortless movement.

Living life is a process we are all trying to improve upon endlessly. Mostly, we approach the improving by looking for what’s missing and then finding ways to add what we feel is lacking. I fundamentally believe we are all whole and complete already and  therefore our real opportunity for improvement lies in finding ways to shed the things, stresses, and efforts we don’t really need. That means that, like with precious metals, our process is a refining. I decided to call my practice Refined Being because I’ve felt for myself how this powerful process of learning to do less can, bit by bit, produce results beyond pain relief and lead toward a more integrated and effortless way of moving, thinking, doing, and being.


“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

-Moshe Feldenkrais

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